Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Getting Buy-In

We all know how difficult it is to get management -- and even employees -- to care about programs aimed at preventing anything, even when there are plenty of examples of disasters and terrorism to point to as potential risks. Business continuity is often viewed as a money pit that negatively affects the bottom line. The challenge, therefore, is to get everyone to understand the potential benefits of business continuity and disaster recovery programs. There are some good ideas in this week’s articles.

Use these four tips to gain upper management attention. (Item #1) One of these five methods of securing buy-in might work for you. (Item #2) What do you address when presenting the need for BC/DR investment to management? (Item #3)

Current thinking demands a more integrated participation level by those responsible for leading an organization. (Item #4) In order for any business continuity effort to be positive, employees need to buy into the new system. (Item #5) Here are the root causes for your employees’ lack of interest in business continuity. (Item #6)

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