Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Email Retention

Just about all organizations archive emails, but how many of us retain email? With archiving, you might keep emails forever. With an email retention policy, however, you are setting up specific times that various types of emails are kept before being automatically deleted. And the decision on how long to retain these documents can be impacted by laws or regulations. If you don’t have an email retention policy, this week’s articles may be of help in getting started on one.

Learn about email retention policies and how to determine which policy is right for you. (Item #1) A retention policy for electronic information defines how long the information should be stored until it’s deleted. (Item #2) One of the thorniest issues of records and information management is how to address e-mail. (Item #3)

Does your organization require an email retention policy? (Item #4) As email’s storage role grows, so too does its evidentiary value, making the need to formally retain, effectively archive, and quickly search and produce email business records essential business functions. (Item #5) Here’s a sample email retention policy you can use or modify. (Item #6)

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