Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Insider Threats to Business Continuity

What do you think of when you hear the term "insider threats?" Snowden? WikiLeaks? Do you just know it can’t happen in your organization? Well, you may be right about those scenarios, but there are many types of insider threats that can happen to you. If you aren't already discussing what to do about insider threats, you may be missing the boat. Insider threats are yet one more aspect of business continuity that we have to take seriously and figure out how the organization can best work to mitigate the risk of these threats and what resources it’s going to take to do so. Perhaps you and your team can find 30 minutes this week to begin this discussion... or at least see if this week’s information can shed light on the subject.

Organizations still aren't taking the risk of insider threats seriously. (Item #1)   In order to be truly effective, insider threat management programs need to involve a broad understanding of the various types of attackers and motivations attached to insider threats. (Item #2)   insiders can pose a threat to more than just an organization’s data. (Item #3)

The threat of attack from insiders is real and substantial. (Item #4)   Are you spending enough on insider threat protection? (Item #5)   CERT provides some tips on winning the battle against insider threats. (Item #6)

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