Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Risk and Business Continuity

How much effort does your organization put into risk management? Is it a prominent part of your business continuity plan? Does the BC team spend time identifying and attempting to mitigate risk? We hope your answers to these questions falls into the “lots of effort” and “yes we do” categories. If they don’t, it’s probably time to sit down and do some work in these areas. Even if you gave the right answers, have you yet thought about what new risks might turn up in 2015? We’d like to suggest that you schedule some time this week or next to consider the risks your organization might face and what you might do about them. You’ll probably be glad you did!

If you don’t think risk management is important for your organization, take a look at some of the many occurrences you could run into at any time. (Item #1)   Risk management has become more important today with most organizations requiring quicker recovery times than in the past. (Item #2) Spreadsheets should be banned from the risk management process. (Item #3)

This guide explains the methodologies behind risk management and where HR should make a contribution in planning and executing the resulting plans. (Item #4)   Here are some predictions for the biggest potential reputation-related crises for 2015; like all crises these days, they will play out online. (Item #5)   How do your employees add risk to IT and your business? (Item #6)

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