Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meeting and Event Planning

Most meeting & event planners have seen more than their share of disasters and near-disasters in the years they have worked in this field. But, regardless how much you've been through, you've not seen every possible thing that can happen. This week, our articles focus on avoiding and handling disasters at events and meetings and steps you can take to help you do this. One important thing to remember is to do your research on the venue and its location so you’ll have a better idea of what types of disasters or disruptions could occur -- strikes, demonstrations, weather, etc. If you have a big event coming up, perhaps it would be a good idea to meet now with your team to brainstorm possible problems and solutions.

Here are five potential conference fails you will want to avoid, and how you can prepare for them. (Item #1)   No matter what type of event trouble you’re facing, here’s how to get things back on track and avoid disaster.  (Item #2)   Vivid nightmares that often haunt a planner in the days prior to an event could become reality. (Item #3)

Failures in the planning and administration process also can derail an event. (Item #4)   Protect guests and crew by planning for any contingency in inclement weather at outdoor gatherings. (Item #5)   Here are five things meeting planners can do to make meetings safer; it’s not a comprehensive crisis preparedness plan, but it’s a start.  (Item #6)   Take a look at this checklist and list of resources for planners; you might find some good tips here. (Item #7)

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