Wednesday, March 4, 2015


What kind of a shelter-in-place plan does your organization have? Do you have a designated location, food, water, protective masks, etc.? Will your plan cover every possible reason to shelter in place? It’s probably not possible to prepare for anything that could possibly happen, but are you satisfied you’re ready for the most likely possible reasons? If you have not revisited your plan lately, it may be time to do so and make updates based on current threats in the world right now.

Shelter-in-place may not actually mean staying exactly where you are. (Item #1)   Shelter in Place is designed for those situations in which it is safer for employees to remain in the building than to evacuate. (Item #2)   You can take actions to help protect emotional well-being during a shelter-in-place emergency. (Item #3)

These links will take you to NICS documents and other information related to sheltering in place. (Item #4)   It's important for landlords to be familiar with their shelter-in-place obligations because providing shelter at a residential property requires the cooperation of employees, tenants, and any visitors who happen to be on the property at the time of the emergency. (Item #5)   There are legal issues with sheltering in place that can’t be ignored. (Item #6)

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