Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Getting Buy-in for Business Continuity Plans & Activities

We talk all the time about how to get buy-in for business continuity from top management and/or the board, but we also should consider the other stakeholders in the organization. What about getting buy-in from middle management and other staff? And, after you get the support you need, how do you get your project funded? These are some of the questions that this week’s articles answer. Perhaps it is time to assess your situation and do some thinking and brainstorming about how to handle these challenges.

What can you do to influence your C-Level team on Business Continuity? (Item #1)   It’s time for BC professionals to go the extra mile, reaching out to everyone in the organization. (Item #2)   A company has to be prepared to tackle political fall-out at all levels, so involvement of all levels of management is key in order to fully develop the Business Continuity plan. (Item #3)

You and your peers might take it for granted that senior management understands the need for disaster avoidance and recovery planning; this is not often the case. (Item #4)   Simulations can force top managers to identify their organization’s most important data assets for the first time, as well as consider the potential risks to those assets of cyber attack. (Item #5)   This FEMA video offers advice on how to communicate effectively about business continuity with senior leadership and gain their support. (Item #6)

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