Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Testing and Training

When’s the last time you tested your business continuity plan? If you answered “never,” you’re not alone. And, if you tested your plan and you had problems, you’re among the majority. In spite of this, many companies do not test or exercise their plans regularly. People move on, processes change, vendors come and go... all of these changes should prompt updating and testing. Perhaps an exercise would be a good way to start off 2016. Our articles below could be of help.

There are many different types of plan 'test' or 'exercise', so it is important to choose the type of approach that works best for your organization. (Item #1)   Successful tests do not prove that a disaster recovery plan will succeed, but failed tests do prove that plan will fail, and that is what makes testing so important. (Item #2)   Here are suggestions for three things you can consistently do to ensure your Business Continuity Plan is tested and your organization is better prepared should disaster strike. (Item #3)

If your BC plan has been sitting on the shelf since it was completed, you’re likely to have trouble implementing it when it’s needed. (Item #4)   The truth is that you can’t really know if your plan works without running through a disaster simulation. (Item #5)   You should test your business continuity plan checklist at least twice a year and quarterly if possible. It might seem like a distraction and a disruption, but just remember that the future of your business is literally at stake. (Item #6)

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