Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Winter Weather Preparedness

We’ve already seen winter weather hit some parts of the country, and things are bound to get snowier and icier before we see the end of it. Have you prepared a plan for the continuity of your business operations during winter storms... and also in the aftermath? If not, don’t wait until the blizzard hits to think about this important topic. Use this issue to focus your efforts on making it through with the least impact.

This article looks at some things to consider when your office building is forced to close down due to the weather conditions. (Item #1)   Advance preparation can help to mitigate winter weather impacts on your operations and business continuity. (Item #2)   Ultimately, building a culture of preparedness within the public arena and getting them to accept that prediction is not possible to the extent of 100 percent accuracy can be the intangible asset that reduces public angst regarding things that did not happen as predicted. (Item #3)

The key to reducing the risks of a large-scale work disruption caused by a winter storm is business continuity planning in order to minimize downtime caused by extreme weather. (Item #4)   Should you make your employees come to work in bad weather? (Item #5)   Measuring the economic effects of snow is more an art than science. (Item #6) 

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