Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Challenges and Trends for 2016

With every new year, and increasing, changing resources, come the predictions of changes in business continuity and disaster recovery. Many experts and surveys have predicted and/or identified the trends and challenges for BC for 2016. As you look over these articles, consider whether these newest predictions impact your organization and what you should be doing or thinking about to improve your BC/DR situation.

The majority (55.72 percent) of respondents to a Continuity Central survey expect to see small changes, whilst almost a third (30.35 percent) is anticipating large changes in Business Continuity. (Item #1)   Cloud-based disaster recovery and compliance concerns are chief challenges in 2016. (Item #2)   As the growth in data presents new challenges at a range of levels, organizations can take advantage of newer cloud resources, ensuring they make the most of the data explosion. (Item #3)

New technologies are likely to be targets for cyber-criminals, who will try to exploit inherent weaknesses, lack of user experience, or both. (Item #4)   The cloud changes the nature of recovery, because recovery and production no longer have to be treated as two separate entities. (Item #5)   BC has a clear role in embedding resilience in the organization. (Item #6)

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