Wednesday, January 27, 2016


The potential for risk is everywhere around us... how are you planning to mitigate, avoid or transfer the potential risks to your organization? Before you do anything else, you must identify those risks. The New Year brings new sources of risk as well, and each organization needs to do whatever it can to figure out where trouble might lurk. Read this week's articles for clues and suggested mitigation activities.

KPMG has identified seven key strategic, operational and external risk areas that should top CROs' risk management agendas this year. (Item #1)    Technologies and security issues need to be considered for remote access. (Item #2)   The combination of risk management and business continuity provides the level of resiliency that most organizations must achieve in light of the uncertainty that exists today. (Item #3)

Many companies are concerned that business interruption losses, which usually result from property damage, will increasingly be driven by cyber-attacks, technical failure or geo-political instability as new non-physical damage causes of disruption. (Item #4)    Here's some help to fill out a risk assessment template. (Item #5)   The author believes that, without a business continuity plan in place, the basic survival of a company over the medium to long term is severely at risk. (Item #6)

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