Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cyber Security

It's likely that most of the readers of this newsletter are aware of danger of cyber security threats. What we can't know, however, is whether all of you have incorporated cybersecurity into your business continuity and disaster recovery plans. It definitely should be a priority for organizations of all types. One attack could be severe enough to seriously damage or even close your business. Check this week's articles for more information on how to better prepare for and/or help prevent cybersecurity threats.

Do businesses understand that cybersecurity is the lynchpin for safeguarding their most precious assets -- intellectual property, customer information, financial data, employee records, and much more? (Item #1)   Here are five major trends in cybersecurity that you should have in mind when updating your InfoSec plans for 2016. (Item #2)   This article is meant to be a Panama Canal of sorts... a link between the two disciplines of BCP and cyber security, or cyber for short. (Item #3)

The mounting threat of cyber attack should be a driving force for more enterprises to place it firmly within the context of business continuity planning. (Item #4)   Effectively managing cyber risk means putting in place the right governance and the right supporting processes, along with the right enabling technology.  (Item #5)   It is imperative that you protect your systems from cyber threats -- the lifeblood of your organization depends on it. (Item #6) 

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