Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Meetings & Events

At today's meetings and events, the security of your content is as important as the safety and security of your attendees. You still need to take all the usual steps of creating a plan, assessing the risks, and testing that plan. What's newer, however, is the critical need for security of any intellectual property at events. This issue provides valuable information on every type of security needed at your event.

Meeting planners for any kind of company or association can learn valuable lessons from their peers in the insurance business. (Item #1)   Here's a checklist detailing safety, contingency and disaster preparedness for the meetings, events, conferences and conventions. (Item #2)   Keeping attendees safe, and ensuring proprietary information stays out of the public domain must be part of any solid strategy for any meeting or event. (Item #3)

These five tips can improve event security and site protection and security's role in event planning. (Item #4)   Here are nine questions to ask with regard to risk management and planning for meetings and events. (Item #5)   With the right precautions and participation from attendees, planners can greatly reduce the threat of theft of intellectual property. (Item #6)

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