Wednesday, June 28, 2017


June 28, 2017 - How do you handle risk in your organization? Do you do an assessment before you write or review your plan? After your plan? Are you a risk avoider? Take a look at this week's articles for some info about risk and how to handle it.

The way you choose to deal with identified risk has a number of impacts on time, money and resources for an organization. (Item #1)    But in order to implement and continuously manage enterprise-wide risk management, there is a critical need for closer integration of two typically distinct roles within the organization--business continuity management (BCM) and risk management. (Item #2)    Here are some tools to help teach you how to prioritize risk. (Item #3)

Emerging risks are difficult to measure and lead to massive losses as they are marked by a high degree of uncertainty. (Item #4)    When it comes to business continuity, developing a strategy is often the focus of efforts; but what actually counts is execution. (Item #5)    These are the real risks that every organization needs to consider. (Item #6)

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