Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Safety and Security in Workplace Emergencies

June 21, 2017 - Everything you read focuses on a couple of things about workplace emergencies: be aware and be prepared. Communication is important, as are drills, training and the development of emergency procedures. This issue covers all these things and more and provide food for thought about the status of your emergency preparedness.

The advent of cyber security threats and more competitive work environments has pressured businesses to place a greater emphasis on the safety and security of their organization. (Item #1)   Your security team’s knowledge of the building, your safety and security procedures, and familiarity with your tenants, positions them as a key player. (Item #2)   There are a number of possible examples of emergency procedures for your workplace. (Item #3)

Having an effective emergency contact system is one tool that can help in a crisis; what can hurt is if employees have been complacent about their safety training. (Item #4)   To help you lead safely at work, here are seven very important thinking points. (Item #5)   This OSHA publication covers what to consider in planning for workplace emergencies. (Item #6)

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