Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Business Continuity Trends & Challenges in 2018

January 3, 2018 - Many experts (IT, Cybersecurity, etc.) have been making their predictions for what business continuity challenges we will face in 2018. This week, we bring some of these predictions to you... will they change the way you're handling business continuity today? Take a look and see if there are some things you need to change for 2018.

Cyberattacks will continue to expand in scope and volume, affecting critical activities such as supply chains and infrastructure. (Item #1)  Fortinet anticipates this trend in cybersecurity attacks to accelerate into 2018, enabling the destructive trends mentioned in this article. (Item #2)  Here are the "Treacherous 12," the top security threats organizations face when using cloud services. (Item #3)

Next year's trends will continue to build upon the trends we've already been seeing over the last few years. (Item #4)  The scope of terrorism risk insurance has been broadened to address expanded physical and cybersecurity attacks. (Item #5)  Here are 10 trends that have the potential to significantly alter the risk landscape for companies around the world and change how they respond to and manage risk. (Item #6)

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