Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Meetings/Events Risk and Mitigation

June 13, 2018 - Something always happens at events... you've had the experience yourself when something goes wrong and a crisis ensues. So it's never a case of IF you need a mitigation plan, but how soon can you put one together. And these days, there are more new risks: data breaches, terror attacks, sexual harassment, disease, and others too numerous to mention. If you haven't sat down and considered your next event's vulnerability to various risks, it's time to do so now.
Here's what planners need to do to anticipate, assess, and address each event's security needs from soup to nuts. (Item #1)   Here are some things to consider when working with a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) to manage your meeting. (Item #2)   Risk management overall is a hot topic for most companies, but very little is known about the specific risks as they apply to the meetings and events space, and the strategies that can be applied to mitigate these risks. (Item #3)

Information gathering, education, and flexibility will help you hone your mitigation plans. (Item #4)   For the time being, safety should be the priority for planners as they look to stage new events, even if a destination doesn't seem particularly risky. (Item #5)   Of the 100 event professionals who responded to a recent poll, 80 percent said that they had experienced some form of on-the-job sexual harassment. (Item #6)

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