Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Awareness, Testing and Training

June 27, 2018 - If nobody reads your business continuity plan (or even knows it's there), can it possibly work? Probably not, and that should worry you. Just because the plan is done, doesn't mean your work is done. It's critical that everyone in the organization understands who's in charge, what each person's role is and how everything is supposed to work. Otherwise, why have the plan at all? This week's articles look at how awareness, testing, and training are done and why they are important.
How will your business respond if faced with a natural disaster, a cyberthreat or an active shooter scenario?  (Item #1)   We couldn't possibly prepare and practice our response for every conceivable business disruption - we have to be generally prepared for everything! (Item #2)   When developing training and awareness content that is retained by attendees, there are two major factors to consider. (Item #3)

Some 23% of companies with a business continuity plan never test it. You shouldn't be one of them. (Item #4)   Here's how business continuity managers should go about planning and executing a business continuity training and awareness campaign. (Item #5)   If you're tired of the same old exercises, here are some tips to make them more interesting and relevant. (Item #6)

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