Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Workplace Violence

July 18, 2018 - With the increase in workplace violence, we are almost not surprised to turn on the news and find out about a new incident. The recent shootings at the Capital newspaper in Annapolis are only one example of such an event. The questions we need to answer are how to recognize the signs, what to do about preventing such violence and what needs to be done following a violent incident. This week’s articles can help provide those answers.

By better addressing the underlying causes of workplace violence through enhanced employee wellness programs, we may be able to turn the tide and make our workplaces a safer place. (Item #1)  An expert says we really have to create situational awareness so that everyone understands that active shooters are a society menace --- without creating paranoia. (Item #2)  The risk of workplace violence can be dramatically reduced with good information, good policies, and increased awareness. (Item #3)

Regardless of the type of violence or the location in which it is committed, incidents of workplace violence can often be deterred through early recognition and effective response. (Item #4)  Here are five ways business owners can reduce the risk of workplace violence and protect their employees. (Item #5)  Physical attacks on employees are rare but when they happen, employers should be ready to provide psychiatric resources for victims as they work to cope with trauma. (Item #6)

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