Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Crisis Communication

May 29, 2019 - It's a crisis and your response has to help prevent the situation from going from crisis to chaos or worse. Your communication plan could help with this, but have you developed it enough to be useful in the current situation? Do you know what to do first and second? Or might there be another alternative to your current plan? (see Item #3) All of this week's articles talk about what to do and how to do it if a crisis occurs.

Communications must be at the heart of crisis operations from the very outset. (Item #1)   Take some time to be sure that your communication and disaster response plan is up to date and ready. (Item #2)   Anything you utter orally or digitally can and will be used against you. It's time to take a tough look at the PR crisis communications rulebook and write a new one. (Item #3)

This article addresses the crisis communication necessary for a business' employees and specific external stakeholders in relation to a business continuity plan. (Item #4)   Failure to address the many communications issues related to crisis or disaster response can result in greater damage to the organization. (Item #5)   In this article, seven communications executives from Forbes Communications Council offer tips for crafting more effective apologies from leadership, from swiftly addressing the issue to being sincere and empathic. (Item #6)

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