Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Identifying, Managing and Mitigating Risk

May 1, 2019 - Risk identification, analysis, and evaluation as well as risk management and mitigation... how many of these steps have you taken in your organization? We hope the answer is NOT zero, but, if it is, these articles can set you on your way. And if you have taken some steps, now might be the time to review what you've done and what you need to do. With risk, you're never finished.

Risk mitigation and management need to be long-term efforts by project directors throughout a project. (Item #1)   Here are some of the forthcoming challenges facing risk management in 2019. (Item #2)   Here are the biggest op risks for 2019, as chosen by industry practitioners. (Item #3)

Here are eight risks that may impact organizations in the next 12 months, no matter where they are on their digital journey. (Item #4)   In the year ahead, companies will need to find meaningful and measurable ways to align and integrate risk management with core business objectives to pursue and meet their company's goals. (Item #5)   Taking the steps outlined in this article enables all involved to have a comprehensive understanding of the hazards and risks that exist within facilities and processes, the consequences of the hazards present, and how those can be prevented or mitigated to protect workers' health and safety. (Item #6)

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