Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shelter in Place

Just a couple of weeks ago, a chemical leak in Pasadena, Texas, forced a Shelter-in-Place (SIP) situation in the surrounding area. This particular SIP order lasted only about four hours, but it could have been worse. At the same time, a gas leak in a San Jose neighborhood also prompted an SIP situation. As you can see, you seldom have any warning of a disruption that can cause you to be ordered to shelter in place. It makes sense, therefore, to be prepared. The following articles can help in your preparations.

There are many difficult aspects of the shelter-in-place process. (Item #1) Here is a general guide for preparing a shelter in place plan in the workplace (Item #2) What must landlord do in the event of an SIP order? (Item #3)

These event-specific guidelines can help in an SIP situation. (Item #4) Portable air cleaners that can filter out toxic gas are making shelter-in-place safe rooms even safer. (Item #5) Our last item is a series to links to supplies of SIP equipment and supplies. (Item #6)

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