Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Management Buy-In

If you're having difficulty getting management to approve a business continuity program – or the costs of updating it or acquiring shelter-in-place supplies -- this week's articles may be helpful. Getting management buy-in is critical to getting the approvals you need... below are some ways you can set about doing just that.

What's the ROI for business continuity costs? That's what you have show to management. (Item #1) These nine steps can make it easier to get buy-in. (Item #2) Here are some tips IT can use to get approval for business continuity expenditures. (Item #3)

Here are some ways business continuity teams can get management buy-in. (Item #4) To win support for a business continuity plan, emphasize ways it can give your company a competitive edge. (Item #5) We need everyone's buy-in for business continuity; how do you get it? (Item #6)

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