Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mass Notification Systems

Communication is key to every aspect of the business continuity process – before, during or after any disruption. If you haven't invested in a mass notification system, perhaps it's time you considered how these systems can help you improve your chances of surviving a disruption. The articles below provide information to help you improve your current emergency notification procedures.

Do you know all you need to about mass notification systems? (Item #1)  Through contemporary mass notification systems, quick communication to a broad contact base can be simplified and streamlined. (Item #2) The issue of voice intelligibility in mass notification systems has become more important as the technology has evolved. (Item #3)

Here are nine ways you can make the most of your mass notification system. (Item #4) Integrating social networks adds value to emergency mass notification systems without added costs. (Item #5) Read how to decipher new codes and track the latest trends for effective emergency communications. (Item #6)

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