Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Employee Issues & Business Continuity

Employees may be your greatest asset, but they could also be your downfall if you aren't careful. Issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination, breach of privacy and others can put your business at risk if you end up in court on the wrong end of a lawsuit. This week's articles give you some information about issues that could help you prevent problems with employees.

There are a number of laws you need to know about to avoid legal issues with employees. (Item #1) Background screening too expensive? You have no idea the cost of not background screening. (Item #2) Do any of these problem employees sound familiar to you? (Item #3)

Here are some examples of employee relations issues. (Item #4) Employees and other insiders can wreak havoc with your digital assets. (Item #5) Make sure you're familiar with these privacy laws so you won't run afoul of the law. (Item #6)

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