Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mass Notification Systems

If a disaster or disruptive event occurs, a mass notification system (MNS) may be the one thing that can keep your organization off page one. This week’s articles cover many aspects of planning, buying and using a mass notification system.

A mass notification system is not the same as a fire alarm system; it requires far more flexibility and offers a lot more options. (Item #1) Here is a list of best practices recommended by campus protection professionals, emergency notification equipment manufacturers and other subject matter experts. (Item #2) New communication technologies and formats call for increased scrutiny of the behavioral factors that impact their effectiveness and define their role in specific alerting and mass notification applications. (Item #3)

Does risk analysis provide real value when planning an MNS? (Item #4) Check with your cell providers to make sure they aren't blocking your SMS/text alerts. (Item #5) Here are 10 factors to consider when buying an MNS. (Item #6)

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