Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Meetings and Events

If you take all precautions possible when planning your meeting or event, you shouldn't have any of the moments mentioned in this week's quote. While you cannot plan for every contingency, you can prepare yourself to deal with any disruption if you follow the advice in this week's articles and do everything you can to manage risk.

A risk management plan can help you with many of the contingencies that could arise. (Item #1) Since you can't do away with all risks, you do ensure that you can manage them should they occur. (Item #2) Start with this checklist, add your own items, and then use it when you're planning. (Item #3) 

Liquor at meetings is always a concern; see these steps to limiting your liquor liability.(Item #4) Your organization, and even individuals, could be at risk of liability exposure if you're not aware of all the laws that could land you in trouble. (Item #5) Meeting planners need to be risk managers. (Item #6)

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