Wednesday, November 19, 2014

After the disruption...

By now many, if not most, of businesses have made plans for getting through a disaster or disruption by creating business continuity plans. But does your BCP contain enough information to get you past the disruption and through the next several months if necessary? As we all know, the percentage of businesses that don't survive disruptions is very high. This week's information could help increase your odds of survival.

Have you made plans for the survival of your business after a disaster? (Item #1)    Here are some tips for surviving a natural disaster. (Item #2)    When is the best time for you and your team to prepare a post-disaster to-do list? (Hint: It's not during the hurricane.) (Item #3)

Business survival is not assured by reopening the doors. (Item #4)    What do you need to do to return to "business as normal?" (Item #5)    Although aimed at earthquake victims, this information is good advice for getting back on track after any disaster. (Item #6)

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