Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Business Continuity Planning

When you envision the way your business continuity plan will be put to use, what do you think of as the cause... a natural disaster, bombings, shootings? While these things may possibly be the cause of using your plan, it’s probably more likely that something of a lesser scope -- power outage, lack of internet access, flooded roads, for example -- may require that you implement your plan. So, if you’ve put off creating or updating your plan because you can’t envision a huge disaster occurring on your watch, perhaps you should change your mind. This week’s articles shed light on a number of topics that could help.

The biggest risk a company faces in today’s uncertainty of cyber-attacks is not being prepared. (Item #1)   Here is a suggested structure for a business continuity plan. (Item #2)   A comprehensive business continuity program involves not only a solid plan, but also the resources and the staff to execute on that plan. (Item #3)

Your human resource manager or designate needs to form a people-oriented business continuity plan for handling emergencies. (Item #4)   When developing a plan, input is needed from just about everyone. (Item #5)   As business continuity planners you may have experienced or are experiencing the journey through the Nine Circles of Planning Hell. (Item #6)

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