Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Holidays & Business Continuity

There are only 42 days until Christmas, so it's definitely time to consider the kinds of issues that face organizations during the holiday season. From the potential problems of holidays parties to ensuring you can satisfy employee time-off requests without weakening your business continuity plans, it's a season fraught with decisions that can cause all kinds of problems, including legal ones. This week's articles focus on avoiding the pitfalls of Christmas/holiday parties as well as managing continuity planning over the holiday season.

What possible legal issues could you face from an office party? (Item #1)   Combine social media tweets and posts with holiday parties, and you could have a serious problem. (Item #2)   Here are some tips for a trouble-free holiday party. (Item #3)

Read this employer's guide to Christmas: office parties, religious discrimination and Christmas bonuses. (Item #4)   By clearly communicating to employees up front, you can ensure your employees enjoy a well-deserved break while ensuring business continuity during the holiday season. (Item #5)   One of these five tips could help your holiday continuity planning. (Item #6)

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