Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hurricanes/Severe Weather

National Hurricane Week is May 24-30, with hurricane season beginning officially on June 1. It seems, however, that hurricane season can hardly wait to get here, if early May’s tropical storm Anna is any indication. Many people lack awareness and preparation for hurricanes, and this can cause problems for everyone. If you know what risks you face and what to do when a hurricane is on the way, you can mitigate the effects on your business and home.

In order to prevent your business from being another hurricane statistic, it is critical to prepare now. (Item #1)   Developing a written preparedness plan and training employees to implement it is critical. (Item #2)   This nonprofit advocates a public-private partnership to cope with woes from floods to pandemics. (Item #3)

Consider how employees will play a role in the business continuity planning process for hurricanes. (Item #4)   Some organizations may not anticipate or prepare for the extensive destruction and prolonged recovery period that can be the result of a hurricane; here are some lessons from Hurricane Katrina. (Item #5)   Prepare and recover using this information provided by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety. (Item #6)

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