Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Records Management & Email Retention

Think of all the possible dangers of email communication -- copyright infringement, harassment, disclosure of confidential information, viruses, and others -- and you'll know that you need to have an email policy to prevent all kinds of legal liability and litigation. What's your organization's email and records retention policy? Is everyone aware of it and familiar with its contents? If not, it's certainly time to create a policy and discuss how it will be implemented and disseminated to everyone. You'll find some help in the articles linked below.

A well-managed records retention and destruction program can help support your company's efforts to face business challenges.  (Item #1)   Here are worst (and best) practices for securing data and documents. (Item #2)   Email archiving used to be a nice-to-have, but being able to save–and retrieve–email is now a must-have in today's environment. (Item #3)

Documents that are kept for too long risk breaching data privacy and protection laws; documents that are destroyed too soon could put you in breach of e-disclosure law. (Item #4)   Small businesses have the same level of responsibility as larger organizations in ensuring regulatory compliance, consistent retention and business continuity in the event of a disaster. (Item #5)   As many high-profile cases have shown, failure to comply with an e-discovery request for e-mail as part of the litigation process can have a tremendous impact on businesses. (Item #6)

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