Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mass Communication Systems

Whether you require a mass communication system for use in an emergency or for use in event of other business disruptions, do you know what would work best for you? If not, take a look at this week's articles for some helpful information about the various types of systems and their uses, including integrating social media into your system.

A single timely notification can make the difference between an inconvenience and a disaster. (Item #1)   Mass notification systems are not only useful in emergencies. (Item #2)   Comprehensive notification coverage generally requires a variety of alerting methods to overcome obstacles that may prevent individuals from receiving an emergency alert. (Item #3)

Here's the latest breakdown of the more commonly used emergency alert systems. (Item #4)   Twitter offers access to an API that can easily integrate into notification systems. (Item #5)   This article lays out different messaging methods possible with mass notification systems. (Item #6)

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