Thursday, June 11, 2015

Identity Theft

Almost daily, there are news reports of identity theft victims. But don't assume that only individuals can be the targets of ID theft perpetrators. More and more ID theft is being aimed at businesses large and small, and sometimes the thieves are so good you may not know for days that you've been attacked. Is ID theft on your risk list? Do you have a plan to deal with it? If not, sit down with your team and discuss some of the info in this week's articles... you owe it to your organization to do so ASAP.

The rise in business identity theft puts your business at serious risk. (Item #1)   Business identity theft is the newest threat to small businesses all across America. (Item #2)   Business ID theft can turn your business dream into a personal nightmare. (Item #3)

Fraudsters are now obtaining information about companies and assuming their business identities in order to steal company assets, client lists and credit information or secure new business relationships and payments. (Item #4)   Since brand value accounts for nearly 75 percent of business value in the U.S., guarding against corporate identity theft is much more than a technology problem. (Item #5)   FTC website offers resources for ID theft victims. (Item #6)

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