Wednesday, June 17, 2015

National Special Security Event (NSSE)

An NSSE is a national or international event that has the potential to attract terrorists or other criminals. The upcoming visit of Pope Francis is such an event, as are presidential conventions and inaugurations, the Super Bowl, and other such activities. What does this have to do with you? Well, if you live or work in the region of such an event, your life and business can be impacted by things like traffic restrictions and security precautions. If you live or work in or near Philadelphia, New York or Washington, DC, it would be smart to start thinking about how your organization could be affected. And take the time to find out whether other NSSEs or just any major events in the upcoming year might require some planning on your part.  

The scope of the operations for the pope's visit addresses everything from crowd control, crisis response, air-space safety, fire and life safety, hazardous materials response to terrorism threats on down to first aid and heat exhaustion. (Item #1)   Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia in September 2015, his first to the U.S. as pontiff, is expected to generate $418 million in economic benefits to the region. (Item #2)   The 2016 Republican National Convention will transform Cleveland and disrupt the everyday life of the city. (Item #3)

When Pope Francis comes to town in September, will Philadelphians still be able to make and receive calls on their cell phones? (Item #4)   Wisconsin businesses have experienced the impact of protestors twice in the past several years. (Item #5)   This UK guide to the risk of protests has good tips for everyone. (Item #6)

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