Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Safety and Security

Most crime in the workplace, be it cyber or physical, occurs where there is a lack of security planning. Organizations need to ensure that their cyber security is the best possible, but they especially have to take steps to keep their physical locations security in order to keep employees safe. This week’s articles take a look at both these security needs. You and your team should take a look at these and see if your plans cover everything recommended by the experts.

As an entrepreneur, one of your priorities should be ensuring the safety of your employees; read these tips for creating a more secure and potentially more productive work environment. (Item #1)   Michael O'Neil, a founder of the NYPD Counterterrorism Division, weighs in on keeping employees safe. (Item #2)   What’s the difference between a safety program and a safety culture? (Item #3)

There are five steps to creating a good security plan. (Item #4)   Major breaches will have a detrimental effect on a company. (Item #5)   IT bosses say they struggle to convince companies of the value of implementing expensive security systems. (Item #6)

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