Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cyber Issues

If you haven't gotten serious yet about preparing your organization for a cyber attack, now's the time. A recent survey from Juniper suggests that cybercrime may cost businesses more than $2 trillion in the next five years, citing the increasing professionalism of cyber crime. We've rounded up some articles this week that provide some insight on what's happening in cyber security and how you might prepare to respond to attacks. Talk with your team about policies and procedures you might put in place to protect your assets.

The best way to demonstrate the needs for cyber security policies and procedures is to perform a Cyber Security audit and implement the resulting recommendations. (Item #1)   It is absolutely critical to understand what kind of data a company collects, how the company uses, stores, shares, processes, protects, and disposes of information, and how to develop and evaluate a plan to respond to attacks that target these data. (Item #2)   This white paper provides essential insights for management to get the basics of cyber security right. (Item #3)

Organizations need to accept that an attack is not only possible but that it is likely: and that requires a mind-set shift. (Item #4)   It seems buying insurance against the financial consequences of cyberterrorism from Lloyds of London, the world's oldest insurance market, is easier and more palatable than tackling the underlying problem. (Item #5)   This cybersecurity controls checklist could be helpful in determining how prepared you are to meet the threat of cybercrime. (Item #6)

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