Wednesday, August 26, 2015

National Preparedness Month

September 2015 is the 12th annual National Preparedness Month and a good time to determine if you're ready for the various disasters or disruptions that could occur. This year's theme is "Don't Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today," and it's great advice. is urging everyone to make a plan including having an up-to-date contact list for everyone in your organization and establishing alternate methods of communication in case traditional methods are unavailable. And remember preparedness at home as well.

Ham radio might be a viable alternate communication system... check out this info. (Item #1)   The following information will help you better understand what happens to our communications systems during an emergency and how best to use our communications systems during a crisis or disaster. (Item #2)   Make emergency communications part of your plan to be prepared; it is likely that at some point you will need it. (Item #3)

This Ready Business Mentoring Guide: User Edition is designed to help small business owners and managers take action to reduce the impact of natural or man-made disasters. (Item #4)   A new report looks at the preparedness lessons that can be learned from Hurricane Katrina. (Item #5)   This checklist provides general guidance that can be useful in developing a checklist appropriate for your business. (Item #6)

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