Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication has been an evolving field for some years now. Most of us have learned that a prompt, well-considered response is critical in crisis situations. This week, not only can we learn what not to do, we can learn some specifics of what to do from the likes of Beyonce and the Somali pirates, as well as get some good tips from other experts. Read on...

Here’s what you need to do to ensure your crisis will flourish and grow (or how not to communicate in a crisis). (Item #1)   What do we know about crisis communication that can be applied reliably when a crisis occurs? (Item #2)   Crisis communication plans provide an organizational framework of who will be responsible for which specific task, when and if a crisis should occur. (Item #3)

The author of this article learned many things about crisis communications from a hijacking by Somali pirates. (Item #4)   Because the first two days following a crisis are the most critical, preparation is a key factor to ensure the situation is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. (Item #5)   In one timely appearance, Beyonce essentially ran through the four key steps from the playbook of crisis communications and management. (Item #6)

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