Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Getting Buy-In

Most people understand the importance of getting management buy-in, but many don’t know how to go about it and succeeding. Also, many are not aware of how critical it is to get support throughout the organization in order to make things happen. This week, we have assembled some articles and a video that can provide some guidance on the best ways to get buy-in.

No matter what you want to sell to top management, this article can help you do it. (Item #1)   With these five steps, you can implement change and ensure a smooth transition with employees who are on board and will work hard because they want to. (Item #2)   what are the obstacles to implementing a successful organizational resilience plan? (Item #3)

No matter how good your ideas and plans, without buy-in for them, nothing will happen. (Item #4)   In some cases, getting management on board might be as simple as asking them what would happen if a database containing sales leads was deleted and it couldn’t be restored for 24 hours. (Item #5)   Watch this 10-minute video for some insight into how you can help your ideas survive. (Item #6) 

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