Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Meeting and Event Planning

March 22, 2017 - Wherever groups of people gather, there exists the potential for disaster or disruption. There are plenty of examples in the news every day to underscore this truth. So, when you have a large important meeting coming up, are you doing everything you can to help prevent something from mucking it up? This week's articles look at everything from helping attendees stay healthy and attentive to how deep to delve into venue security. We hope they will encourage you to take a fresh look at your meeting plans.

In the current environment, what's an event planner to do? Plan for disaster with these best practices. (Item #1)   Have you heard the one about the women in high heels running down a hotel lobby with stolen flat-screen televisions and a blue Rubbermaid bin full of event supplies? (Item #2)   With potential threats constantly evolving, everyone must be informed & cooperative for meeting security to work. (Item #3)

Do you know what precautions you should take to protect meeting content and proprietary information? (Item #4)   Check out these top 10 healthy meeting tips. (Item #5)   IAEE and ESCA have announced a collaboration with DHS to develop guidelines and standards for event safety and security. (Item #6)

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