Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Workplace Violence

March 29, 2017 - April is Workplace Violence Month, a good time to think about our own violence risks. Workplace violence is often in the news, usually in the form of shootings, but workplace violence runs the gamut from bullying to physical violence of all types. It usually underreported for one reason or another. It can be caused by almost anything... an argument at home, a reprimand from a boss, a restraining order, etc. Awareness and alertness on the part of management are two ways to spot potential violence, but employee training can also help identify the risk. This week’s articles look at various strategies to identify and deal with this ever-escalating problem.

Victims of workplace bullying are suffering in silence and perpetrators are safely and legally continuing the abuse. (Item #1)   This article about workplace violence answers your questions for the health and safety of your employees. (Item #2)   We have to consider that any employee served with a restraining order should be treated as a reason to take workplace security precautions. (Item #3)

Reducing the risk for workplace violence begins and ends in the workplace with a company's leadership. (Item #4)  Workplace violence mitigation requires ongoing attention and senior management commitment in personnel security. (Item #5)   Most companies go to great lengths to protect employees from danger, such as fire drills, safety equipment and extensive courses of safety instruction that encompass standard corporate procedures. With respect to workplace violence, however, most companies are unprepared and vulnerable. (Item #6)

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