Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Parties

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, followed closely, in many cased, by the office holiday party. In recent years, many companies have decided not to hold a party and to do something else instead. For most organizations, however, the party is still a reality, even in tough economic times. Fancy hotel parties are replaced by office potlucks or other activities. Whatever type of party you decide on, this week’s articles will help you avoid some of the potential problems such parties present.

Don’t let your holiday party become a source of liability. (Item #1) What are the areas of greatest legal exposure presented by office parties? (Item #2) To some, the office holiday party feels like walking a tightrope and that’s reason enough to just want to stay home. But you can’t. (Item #3)

Avoid lawsuits after a holiday party. (Item #4) Do you cancel the party or hold it? Either way, you can be sending unintended messages. (Item #5) Just for fun, a humorist offers a lighthearted look at holiday parties. (Item #6)

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Reputation Management

In the case of your organization’s reputation, what took years to build could be destroyed in only a matter of moments. And it’s not just the big things that can do you in… one unhappy member, customer, former employee with access to the Internet is all it takes. There are things you can do to protect yourself, however, and several of these are in the articles below.

If you don’t control your brand online, someone else will. (Item #1) Without proactively monitoring your online reputation, trademarks and copyrighted material, you're exposed to a rats-nest of damaging public relations and inappropriate use of your business's brand. (Item #2) Because of the openness and anonymity of the Web, every business is vulnerable to reputation management issues. (Item #3)

The outcome of a reputation crisis can be devastating; but it doesn't have to be. (Item #4) The fact that reputation matters online is beyond debate. (Item #5) There are very tangible and numerous benefits to taking the time to build yourself a presence on business networking sites. (Item #6)

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Corporate Identity Theft and Data Breaches

Identity theft impacts businesses and consumers, and it’s important that businesses institute safeguards to prevent identity theft – and its high cost. The articles in this issue provide some tips and best practices for helping you prevent breaches of the information you store.

The negative effects of identity theft or a breach of information to a business can have long term and far reaching ramifications. (Item #1) One of the keys to preventing identity theft, therefore, is to safeguard personal information within the workplace, whether it's a business, government agency, or nonprofit. (Item #2) Do the benefits of biometrics outweigh the risks? (Item #3)

Guidance from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can help you make smart, sound decisions if personal information you hold is compromised. (Item #4) Your health as well as your finances can be compromised by medical identity theft. (Item #5) Best practices for handling social security numbers are provided by the California Office of Privacy Protection. (Item #6)

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