Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Exercising your Business Continuity Plan

There are so many things to consider with regard to exercising your business continuity plan. How will you do it? Who should be involved? Did it work? And, of course, Why bother? If you haven’t exercised your plan at least once, completely, in the past year, you can’t know if it will work. Get busy with those exercises!

Why do almost 30 percent of DRPs and BCPs fail when they are activated? (Item #1) If you’re not sure how to exercise your plan, the ABA offers great information. (Item #2) There’s no better way to keep your plan up to date than to exercise it. (Item #3)

Here’s a view of training from the risk management perspective. (Item #4) No matter the scope or complexity of the exercise, several key elements enable the successful outcome of this important component of the business continuity lifecycle. (Item #5) Are your exercises testing or demonstrating? (Item #6)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cyber Issues

For the past 5-10 years, we have seen an increase in cyber crime each and every year. In spite of all the information circulated on the dangers to home and business, not everyone takes sufficient precautions against cyber crime. Take a look at this week’s articles and see if you’re prepared against all possible attacks.

Cyber experts and top government IT security officials have noted a sharp increase in cyber assaults in the past half-decade. (Item #1) Do you know which cyber issues are most prevalent? (Item #2) Here’s a snapshot of data illustrating the imbalance between what cyber criminals actually take and the money spent to protect against digital crime. (Item #3)

Cybercrime increases when the economy is bad, especially among former employees. (Item #4) Increase your business’ likelihood of preventing cybercrime with these five tips. (Item #5) Share these 10 steps with everyone you know to help protect them against cybercrime. (Item #6)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Many organizations consider insurance a necessary evil. Perhaps, however, you should examine your policies and see if you have everything you need to protect yourself and employees - what haven’t you thought about? This week’s articles can lead the way.

Insurance that has great relevance in a business continuity context and that is greatly misunderstood is Business Interruption insurance. (Item #1) Here’s how to use life insurance to secure your business after death. (Item #2) Most continuity plans still overlook the essential question with the most profound impact on long- term financial recovery: Who's going to pay for it all? (Item #3)

Most business owners don’t have interruption insurance; should you be rethinking this? (Item #4) Do all nonprofit organizations need Directors and Officers Liability Insurance? (Item #5) The process of selecting insurance for your business may be tedious, but if calamity strikes you'll be happy that you're properly insured. (Item #6)