Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Many organizations consider insurance a necessary evil. Perhaps, however, you should examine your policies and see if you have everything you need to protect yourself and employees - what haven’t you thought about? This week’s articles can lead the way.

Insurance that has great relevance in a business continuity context and that is greatly misunderstood is Business Interruption insurance. (Item #1) Here’s how to use life insurance to secure your business after death. (Item #2) Most continuity plans still overlook the essential question with the most profound impact on long- term financial recovery: Who's going to pay for it all? (Item #3)

Most business owners don’t have interruption insurance; should you be rethinking this? (Item #4) Do all nonprofit organizations need Directors and Officers Liability Insurance? (Item #5) The process of selecting insurance for your business may be tedious, but if calamity strikes you'll be happy that you're properly insured. (Item #6)

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