Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Trends and Threats in 2019

December 19, 2018 - As we head to the end of 2018, it's time to look forward to what 2019 will bring. These articles focus on the trends and challenges to expect in the coming year and what you should be doing to prepare for them. Take a look to see if your plans will cover your business as things change.

Disaster tends to strike when you least expect it and a data breach, ransomware attack or even a phishing scam all have the potential to completely derail your business.  (Item #1)   As 2018 comes to a close, here's a look at what experts believe 2019 likely has in store in terms of the threats to – and the evolution of – business continuity and disaster recovery. (Item #2)   Here are the top 10 cybersecurity trends and recommendations for the New Year. (Item #3)

Four critical risk themes emerge as internal audit teams prepare for 2019, and data issues loom large. (Item #4)   The way professionals travel for business is constantly changing, and 2019 will be no exception. (Item #5)   Global spending on cloud services and infrastructure is on the rise and expected to reach $160B by the end of this year; that number will continue to rise to $277B by 2021. (Item #6)

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Holiday Safety at Home and Work

December 12, 2018 - The holiday season is here and decorating, shopping, cooking, entertaining, eating and other holiday doings are on our to-do lists. We get so busy that we sometimes rush right by some of the important safety concerns of the holidays -- accidents, fires, stress, and other things. These articles are aimed at helping you ensure your safety and those of your family, friends, and co-workers so everyone can have happy holidays.

Remember to consider safety when decorating in the office and celebrating on the job. (Item #1)   There are steps you can take to reduce the risks of death and injury from a home fire this holiday season (Item #2)   To keep your "fa-la-la-la las" from falling flat, here are some important crime prevention tips to remember. (Item #3)

Here are some safety concerns to consider during this holiday season. (Item #4)   Here's how to avoid some of the pitfalls of the season. (Item #5)   Here are some tips to beat the holiday blues. (Item #6)

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Planning for Winter Weather

December 5, 2018 - With winter on the way (and, in some cases, already hitting hard), we should definitely be reviewing our plans to keep things running if the worst weather strikes. What if employees can't get to work? What if your building has no power or is flooded? Do you know what your winter weather risks are? This week's articles could help refine your plans for the weather ahead.

When snow, ice or other weather threatens to keep people off the roads this winter, telecommuting could help keep your business running. (Item #1)   Old ways of protecting data centers against winter weather are no longer adequate in today's always-on business world. (Item #2)   Here are the steps you can take now to prepare for extreme winter weather and mitigate the risks for your small business. (Item #3)

Here's how to get ahead of storms with planning and teamwork. (Item #4)   What's your liability if an employee is injured on the way to work in a snowstorm? (Item #5)   We can hope this winter won't bring 100 inches of snow, but here are some lessons from Boston when that happened in 2015. (Item #6)

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