Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Planning for Winter Weather

December 5, 2018 - With winter on the way (and, in some cases, already hitting hard), we should definitely be reviewing our plans to keep things running if the worst weather strikes. What if employees can't get to work? What if your building has no power or is flooded? Do you know what your winter weather risks are? This week's articles could help refine your plans for the weather ahead.

When snow, ice or other weather threatens to keep people off the roads this winter, telecommuting could help keep your business running. (Item #1)   Old ways of protecting data centers against winter weather are no longer adequate in today's always-on business world. (Item #2)   Here are the steps you can take now to prepare for extreme winter weather and mitigate the risks for your small business. (Item #3)

Here's how to get ahead of storms with planning and teamwork. (Item #4)   What's your liability if an employee is injured on the way to work in a snowstorm? (Item #5)   We can hope this winter won't bring 100 inches of snow, but here are some lessons from Boston when that happened in 2015. (Item #6)

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