Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Parties

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, followed closely, in many cased, by the office holiday party. In recent years, many companies have decided not to hold a party and to do something else instead. For most organizations, however, the party is still a reality, even in tough economic times. Fancy hotel parties are replaced by office potlucks or other activities. Whatever type of party you decide on, this week’s articles will help you avoid some of the potential problems such parties present.

Don’t let your holiday party become a source of liability. (Item #1) What are the areas of greatest legal exposure presented by office parties? (Item #2) To some, the office holiday party feels like walking a tightrope and that’s reason enough to just want to stay home. But you can’t. (Item #3)

Avoid lawsuits after a holiday party. (Item #4) Do you cancel the party or hold it? Either way, you can be sending unintended messages. (Item #5) Just for fun, a humorist offers a lighthearted look at holiday parties. (Item #6)

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