Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Testing and Exercising

Disaster recovery plans are essential to business continuity, but these plans will lose value if they are not tested on a regular basis. Frequent testing leads to peace of mind. You can't wait until disaster strikes to find out if your plan will work. Testing is essential for disaster recovery success, and, a proactive test plan will reap benefits to the organization. Read this week’s articles for more on the importance of testing your business continuity/disaster recovery plans.

When your plan is complete, the work has only just begun. (Item #1) Effective plan testing is the topic of this article on best practices. (Item #2) What flaws could your test have missed? (Item #3)

Internal communication is a critical part of every plan and should be tested as well. (Item #4) Healthcare organizations have special concerns when testing plans. (Item #5) San Diego County’s Health and Human Services Agency had a real event during which to test their plan. (Item #6)

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