Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Standards for Business Continuity Planning

The development of standards/regulation/regulatory guidance for business continuity management is a relatively new concept. Below we present information on some emerging and existing standards that may help you in the formulation of your business continuity plan.

ASIS Online has begun work to produce a Business Continuity Management (BCM) standard, for approval by ANSI. (Item #1) This case study focusing on BS 25999 shows how standards can help your business. (Item #2) BC program to meet the requirements of either the BS 25999 or the NFPA 1600 standards is an effective way to ensure that your program will have world class potential. (Item #3)

How long the U.S. and other countries with non-mandatory business continuity management standards will be able to voluntarily comply is up to market forces. (Item #4) Not exactly a standard, OSHA says, but guidance on planning for a pandemic. (Item #5) GLBA applies specifically to financial institutions, but its provisions already have been adopted by many types of companies in the private sector. (Item #6)

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